Folkteatern Göteborg


Folkteatern is marked by the history of its city – Gothenburg, second city of Sweden with a strongly industrial character and a long working class history. This culture can be found in the way the theatre itself is run, where the unions, associations and a certain number of local organisations are symbolic shareholders. Thanks to this particular relationship with the population and in partnership with the state and local groups, the Folkteatern (Swedish for “People’s Theatre”) participates in ambitious cultural programmes alongside its demanding artistic activity which has a wide international distribution.

Folkteatern Göteborg produced Fragmente, a project of Lars Norén and Sofia Jupither.
The citizens' workshop Moving cities Göteborg accompanied the production and the tour.
The Swedish theatre coproduced and hosted La Réunification des deux Corées, Joël Pommerat and Le Sorelle Macaluso, Emma Dante.
It will host a workshop with young Belgian actors directed by Melanie Mederlind