Teatro Stabile di Napoli


The Teatro Mercadante, which opened in 1779, has an illustrious history, closely linked over the centuries to the most representative artists of Italian and European drama.

Since 2002, the Mercadante has been home to the Naples Teatro Stabile. Its activities meet the expectations of the widest range of contemporary theatre, and aim to satisfy a huge and mixed public. Yet, the Teatro Mercadante also represents one of the greatest western dramatic cultures and feels responsible for carrying on a tradition which is rarely equalled in the world. This culture includes varied artists, capable of keeping established dramatic customs alive, of transforming them into conscious and vigilant laboratories of modernism, of mixing traditional and ultramodern forms. Finally, the Naples Teatro Stabile meets contemporary challenges through civic and cultural activities, bearing witness to its continuing desire to build and maintain an ever closer relationship with the City.

Teatro Stabile di Napoli has produced Le Sorelle Macaluso written and directed by Emma Dante.
The citizens' workshop Moving cities Naples will accompany the production and the tour.
The Italian theatre coproduced and hosted Exils by Fabrice Murgia as well as La Réunification des deux Corées by Joël Pommerat.
It will host a workshop with young Swedish actors directed by Davide Iodice.