Sofia Jupither - text Lars Norén

Premiere on October 25th 2012 | Folkteatern Göteborg

Invisible people in an invisible city.

A taxi driver tries to forget his memories from the Balkans. A nurse is pregnant by someone else’s husband. A teenager does not want to have anything to do with his dad and paints his face black. A mum goes to the supermarket to do the weekly shopping. A woman is cared for by her husband in their home. He is having an affair with a neighbour. A guy takes his sister on a daytrip to Denmark. A mum hides her adult son in the wardrobe. A girl is trying to have a conversation with her mother, it is distant…

In a number of short scenes, we meet several people who live close to each other in the same city, and yet remain completely or partly invisible to each other. The invisible people and the human destinies, which are usually untold, are brought to light. What is going on in the mind of our fellow human beings; those we pass by on the street every day?

Fragmente is the Folkteatern’s contribution to Cities on Stage. The play toured Europe during the spring of 2013 and was welcomed by cities such as Paris, Madrid, Brussels.

Coproduction : Folkteatern Göteborg, Théâtre National/Bruxelles in collaboration with Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe/Paris, Teatro de La Abadía/Madrid.

The citizen's workshop Moving Cities Göteborg accompanied the production and its tour.