Teatro de La Abadía

Madrid - Spain

"Creation Center from Comunidad de Madrid"


The Teatro de La Abadía was founded in 1995 in Madrid thanks to the initiative of the Madrid regional council and its current director, José Luís Gomez. This major creative and dramatic arts research centre, formerly conceived as a church with a particular configuration and distinctive acoustics, still presents its shows in this “religious” space as well as in a second, more contemporary auditorium.

While maintaining a privileged relationship with Spanish artists, La Abadía is also open to the rest of Europe through the touring of its shows, of course, but also through its team's diversity policy.

The teatro de La Abadía will produce a creation written and directed by Olivier Py, L'homme qui court.
The citizens' workshop Moving cities Madrid will accompany the production and the tour.
The Spanish theatre hosted Fragmente, a project of Lars Norén and Sofia Jupither; as well as Exils by Fabrice Murgia.