Moving cities Göteborg

Torbjörn Alström

Citizen’s workshop & exhibition in Folkeatern Göteborg
Exhibition showed as well in Théâtre National/Brussels, Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe/Paris & Teatro de La Abadía.

About the invisible in the visible, about that which we want to keep hidden, about the personal things we long to show. What is it that we cannot see but that is still visible ? Why are we so invisible to each other even though we are just a few centimeters away from one another every day ?

Folkteatern of Gothenburg has entrusted this Moving city to the mask maker Alström Torbjörn, who has worked with groups of adults from Stadsmissionen and teenagers from Filagret. The exhibition SPÅR is part of the Moving cities project. It aims to strengthen the connection between artistic creation and city dwellers.This intimate exhibition about Gothenburg, with intricate details being brought to light and placed at the forefront, followed Lars Norén and Sofia Jupither’s performances of Fragmente throughout Europe.   

Production Folkteatern Göteborg.
In collaboration with Stadsmissionen and Filagret.