Hacia la alegría

Olivier Py

Premiere on November 12nd 2014 | Teatro de La Abadía Madrid

The tale of a sleepless night that inverts Plato’s myth of the cave

The Teatro de La Abadía has entrusted the writer and director Olivier Py with the last creation of Villes en Scène / Cities on stage which has been produced in Madrid.

A man – portrayed by Pedro Casablanc – gets up in the middle of the night, moved by a kind of presentiment that leads him to get dressed and start running around the city. He is an architect who has lost his spiritual energy required for artistic creation. That is how “Hacia la alegría” begins, a new text by Olivier Py, the Head of the Festival d’Avignon, which he himself direct at La Abadía. This lucid interior monologue is accompanied by a suggestive series of objects and shadows and the live music of Fernando Velázquez, the composer of various film soundtracks (‘Ocho apellidos vascos’, ‘The Impossible’).

Producţia Teatro de La Abadía, Théâtre National/Bruxelles, Festival d’Avignon.
În colaborare cu Teatrul National Radu Stanca/Sibiu.

În timpul producției și al turneului, acest spectacol a fost acompaniat de cetăţenii atelierului de lucru Moving cities Madrid.