Moving cities Madrid

“My City, States of Mind / Mi ciudad, estados de ánimo”

Project & exhibition in Teatro de La Abadía
Exhibition will also be showed in Teatrul National Radu Stanca/Sibiu, Festival d’Avignon and Théâtre National/Brussels.

Video-installation created to mark the production of Hacia la alegría (Towards Happiness) by Olivier Py at Teatro de La Abadía, within the framework of the Cities on Stage project

The young video-artist, Álex Pachón, will create an installation at La Abadía in order to show the states of mind that the city creates in its inhabitants and vice versa, the inhabitants' states of mind that condition city life. The installation will bring to life the city of our dreams - ideals and longings - together with the city of our nightmares - the city we would prefer not to see.

The frieze of urban images recorded in different Spanish cities will interlink with impressions from the workshop entitled La ciudad de mi vida, featuring a group of fifteen very different individuals, all of whom have come together for a single reason: the theatre. Under the direction of Carlota Ferrer, they will explore how the city transforms us over time and how we transform the city; how our personal development does not necessarily run parallel to that of our environment, even though we are jointly responsible for the good or bad changes that may occur.

A hypnotic vision of anonymity and identity, distance and proportion, anxiety and astonishment.

Created and directed by Álex Pachón
Director of photography Fran Ramos
Sound Design Antonio Antón
Timelapses Federico Patón
Colorist David Rocher
Post-production Alfonso Nieto
In collaboration with the participants in the Espectadores en acción community theater workshop “La ciudad de mi vida”:
Lola Arjona, Ricardo Álvarez, Pedro Cánovas, Alicia Fernández, Rosario Fernández-Marcote, Asunción Garzas, Pilar González, Carmen López Gimeno, Susana Olabarri, Julia Orejas, Carmen Rilo, Mercedes Secundino, Matías Solana, Nancy Triana
Instructor Carlota Ferrer

Production Teatro de La Abadía